Verde Vitale makes the organic skincare benefits of green tea easily available and accessible to anyone! We understand how modern times demand a lot of us, leaving little to no time for time-consuming skincare routines.

However, no one should sacrifice moments of self-pampering and maintaining radiant skin for anything. As such, we developed a product that you can easily pick up, apply, and wash off with no problem. Learn more about our high-quality skincare product!

Green Tea Mask Stick by Verde Vitale

Enjoy the beauty benefits of green tea in an easy-to-use design with our innovative green tea mask stick. This product comes in a convenient tube that you can simply roll onto your face to create a beauty mask, giving you the endless wellness benefits associated with green tea.

This roll-on mask offers all the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea, making it suited for nearly all skin types. Without risking any irritation, you can easily achieve bright and fresh skin as you use this green tea mask wherever you go.

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Verde Vitale’s Dedication to Convenient Skincare Products

Our green tea mask stick is the answer to uncomfortable and bulky skincare products. We feature an unobtrusive tube design so you can easily store it in your handbag and enjoy a rejuvenating face mask moment whenever you’re away from home.

This roll-on technology also ensures that you won’t make a mess in your bag, which is a constant risk with beauty mask tubes, jars, or pumps. At the same time, its design avoids overuse by giving you an appropriate amount per twist. Simplify your skincare routine today!

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Spring clean your skincare routine today! Our skincare experts at Verde Vitale are ready to get you started on your new, upgraded skincare habits. Experience a professional spa treatment at home with our green tea skincare products today!

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